Fancy Sidewalks Cause Real Injuries

It’s not out of the ordinary these days to see granite or marble sidewalks outside of some of Manhattan’s more luxurious buildings. But while such walkways may be aesthetically pleasing, they also present numerous safety hazards. Not only do these “distinctive” sidewalks present safety concerns, but they also make premise liability cases extremely difficult.

Yes, granite or marble sidewalks can jazz up the exterior of a building, but they can often present dangers that your typical concrete sidewalk may not. For instance, when it rains, you will see that surfaces made of granite and marble become far more slippery than those made of concrete. Because one is often more prone to slip and fall on such surfaces, property owners may be responsible for putting down mats during poor weather conditions.

As you can see, just like your average concrete sidewalk, property owners are liable for maintaining those jazzy granite and marble walkways. What do I mean by the phrase maintain? Well, just like concrete walkways,”distinctive” sidewalks must be even and smooth (free of an excessive bumps, ditches, or cracks), must safely transition into any adjacent pathways, and must have a minimum coefficient of friction that allows for non-slip walking.

It can often be hard to prove that a property owner has been negligent. Often, lawyers must hire engineers in order to test the sidewalk to see if it meets standards of safety. Many cases have been won and lost based on such examinations. Therefore, slip and fall cases often become extremely complicated and difficult.

However, if neglect on behalf of property owners can be proven, then they may be liable for any resulting slip and fall accidents that occur. I have seen many such accidents lead to serious injuries. Accident victims who have suffered injuries as the result of a property owner’s negligence are entitled to full compensation for the injuries that they may have sustained. At Goldstein & Bashner, we have worked with many slip and fall victims and have helped them to attain the compensation that they deserve. If you have sustained injuries as the result of a slip and fall accident please contact us.   


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