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You Want To Sue For What ?..When The Treadmill Takes Off

Today I got a call about a potential new matter. The mom was calling about her 22-year-old daughter (I’m still not sure why the 22-year-old could not call) who goes to college here in New York City. She said that her daughter while in the dorm was using the treadmill and fell off sustaining some pretty bad injuries. Ok. Good injuries. So I begin to ask how did she fall? What caused the fall? There was silence on the other end of the phone. After a few moments she answered by asking me a question “What do you mean what caused her to fall”? So I knew where we were going here. In fact nobody knew what caused her to fall off the treadmill. I explained to the mom “You must have some negligence to bring a claim against somebody”. We get calls all the time from people who say they were hurt…and thats it. For them it does not matter how it happened only that it did happen. For competent and ethical personal injury lawyers it’s about both. You need to have negligence and an injury to bring a case. Each lawyer must decide how difficult or easy ┬áthe theory of negligence must be and how valuable the injury must be before they take the case. The point to the treadmill story is simple. If the mom had said “my daughter fell from the treadmill because it would not stop after pressing the stop button” or “my daughter fell because the floor where the treadmill was placed by the college was uneven thereby tipping the treadmill” or even “my daughter fell off the treadmill because the treads were torn” it might have been something to look into. I’m not saying there would have been a case but it would have been enough for some lawyers to investigate. Remember just because you trip or slip and fall doesn’t mean there was negligence. If you call a lawyer you better be able to articulate some reason for the fall other than your own negligence. If you call me without any explanation of somebody’s negligence then your going to hear me say “You want to sue for what”? Feel free to visit our website and contact us if you would like to discuss you slip or trip case.