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What The #$*@ Is A Trip and Fall Lawyer?

Somewhere around the third year of ¬†law school(I was forced by poverty to work during the day and go to school at night which meant 4 years instead of the normal 3) my classmates would often ask “What kind of law are you going into”? Well nearly everybody I knew said they wanted to go into commercial law, tax law, corporate¬†law or some high end law field. When it was my turn to answer the question I pretty much knew what I was going to do. I was already working for one of the busiest personal injury firms in New York City and it was pretty interesting to me. Of course I didn’t want to say I’m going into the personal injury field. That seemed so little next to those other answers. So I said “Torts”. That seemed much more dignified. In fact there was a course in law school called “Torts”. How bad could that sound. Well I am a “Tort” lawyer but in my twenty years of practice I have never(and I mean never)heard one personal injury lawyer refer to himself/herself as a “Tort Lawyer”.

My practice consists of many types of “Torts”. At this point I’m just going to refer to myself as an accident lawyer. As an accident lawyer I handle many types of accident like car accidents, construction accidents, and even railroad accidents. But there are many cases in my office that we call the slip and falls. When we want to be lawyerly we refer to these cases as premises liability matters,like the “Tort Lawyer” answer I gave in law school. Let’s call these cases what it is: trip,slip and fall accidents. In essence, these are cases where people are injured on somebody’s property because of some negligent condition or defective problem in the area.

To be clear these cases have resulted in some very serious injuries to my clients. In fact I have made millions of dollars for my clients because of injuries that have resulted in fractures requiring surgery, internal injuries and even brain injuries. It seems that these type of cases have gotten a bad rap among the public and even other personal injury lawyers. Maybe the idea of somebody tripping or slipping and falling and then filing a lawsuit seems inconsistent. If you trip or slip its your fault,right? Well Its my intention to bring you the most up to date cases,claims and decisions that I believe will help you understand why I think these cases are very important. Please respond to my posts in any manner you like.

Is the condition of this property ok with you?